Text Box: Billy Zenn
performing songwriter

Somewhere in the Midwest, a transistor radio crackles to life; Aretha and Otis testify to Don and Phil; Orbison soars, Mr. Charles wails and Dylan rolls on down Highway 61.  Out in the garage, soft curses at a temperamental old Fairlane mix with Cash, Williams, and that high, lonesome Stanley cry.   It is  the big beat, the lover’s lament and the tears of a clown.


Billy Zenn grew up there, and the music stayed with him.  Through a haze of beer lights and smoke, bands and bars, miles and years, the music has remained; wild and free. Call it the blues, or country, or plain old rock & roll—-it all comes down to the same thing: American music. 


That’s Billy Zenn.  With a voice as strong as his experience is deep, and songs that resonate across time and place, Billy is  a performer who means what he says, and delivers it every time.  Steadfastly clinging to his roots in the rich, dark soul of America, he kicks the tried and true into the 21st century and brings it back home, fresh and new. 


Solo or with his killer band, the effect is the same; an infectious, true heart rave up that’s guaranteed to go for the throat and shake audiences to their feet.  If you’re looking for the real thing, look no further.


Get these Billy Zenn tracks!

“bare bones” 

(solo CD)


“Don’t I Know You”

(the new CD from Billy Zenn & The Ringers)